Legal assistance to debtors

Commercial activity is always associated with certain financial risks. At the moment in Russia 7 out of 10 companies meet the requirements of insolvency (bankruptcy).

A legal entity is considered incapable of meeting the claims of creditors for monetary obligations, payment of severance pay and (or) payment of labor for persons who work or worked under an employment contract and (or) fulfill the obligation to pay mandatory payments if the relevant obligations and (or) duty they were not executed by him within three months from the date when they were to be executed.

If your organization has signs of bankruptcy, the lawyers of our company will help you to recognize your company as bankrupt.

Our team of professionals can offer you the following services:

  • Analysis of the debtor's activities, development of recommendations to avoid the risk of bankruptcy on the initiative of the creditor;
  • Preparation of financial indicators and analysis of commercial results before submitting a debtor application for insolvency or a statement of restructuring obligations;
  • Negotiating with creditors, concluding an amicable agreement, agreements on granting installment payments of debt, restructuring of debt obligations;
  • Support of a legal entity in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Challenging the actions of the arbitration administrator;
  • Protection of the persons controlling the debtor from involvement in subsidiary liability;
  • Oral and written legal advice of specialists on all issues of bankruptcy procedure for individuals and legal entities: its procedure and consequences.