Vicarious liability of the head of a legal entity

Most Russian entrepreneurs habitually believe that their liability for the debts of the company they organized is limited to a minimum amount of the authorized capital of 10,000 rubles. However, given the changes in the legislation, we should not forget about the vicarious liability that may occur as a result of bankruptcy.

Vicarious liability - is the responsibility of the head, the founder and another individual, influence decisions, their personal property and funds to the budget and other creditors in the amount of the entire debt of the company, not only in the proportion of its share capital.

Vicarious liability is dangerous because an individual meets all the personal funds and all private property for the full amount of the outstanding debt of the insolvent company.

But that is not all. The most unpleasant thing in a subsidiary liability is that it is impossible to get rid of this debt through the bankruptcy of an individual.

How do we protect the first persons of a debtor company from subsidiary liability?

We approach the problem professionally. We use "unexpected" protection schemes.
Our goal is to preserve the reputation and personal property of management and owners.

We use security schemes that are unexpected for creditors. Your "opponents" will not be ready for this.
As a result, it will be easy to prove the legitimacy and conscientiousness of your actions.